• "Sir" "Doctor" Yean of the Korab Clan

    "Sir" "Doctor" Yean of the Korab Clan

    Human Fighter (3), Cleric of Jergal (2), Agent of the Lords' Alliance
  • Aerin Saidorai

    Aerin Saidorai

    A mage devoted to study and faith. Charisma Optional.
  • Shadow


    She is 5'5 with lighter bronze skin. Her eyes around the pupil is gold and it fades to a beautiful azure color. Her horns are always covered with the hood.
  • Sir Volt

    Sir Volt

    A slim and slender tiefling with a very long tail, bronze skin, and sharp pointed bone spikes that jut out and upward of the back of his head. He's dressed in clothing more appropriate to the south, including things like dancer's or harem pants.